Bitchute deals in FOREIGN monkey Business which is funneled into America. That right there is a Biden Operation. Where’s Mitch? Where’s Pelosi? Where’s You Tube ex CEO? Who’s next? Who’s behind all these fake Big Channels?????? Everyone knows the Jews run all the BAD Businesses. So people get Big Channels to talk about everything BUT the JEWS!!!! Well, isn’t THAT interesting! It’s as if someone shit in the room and all the people in the room talk about ‘ A smell’, something different seems to have effected the room, they open a window BUT NO ONE says There’s SHIT on the floor, CLEAN IT UP!!!!!!! The Jews are the fucking SHIT in the room!!!!!!!!!!! A few channels say it but they are so censored it’s not even funny. The Authorities will NOT BE THE FUCKING JEWS so their PROTECTED STATUS DAYS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!! CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED.

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