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What to Expect in China - Culture Shock

We, in America, may think China wants to go to war with us BUT how would that be advantageous to China? Without American Consumerism, they would have a failed economy. If the NWO’s objective is to take Discretionary Income AWAY from Americans through the control of Digital Bank Cards then China has by DEFAULT become a NWO Country with NO NATIONALISM, ECONOMY OR CULTURE! Russia just went through the War Dance with Ukraine. Now the Media is focusing on China vs America. Biden is in BED with China so any policies made right now would FAVOR CHINA NOT AMERICA! Joey Biden IS A TRAITOR! PURE AND SIMPLE. When the Veil of Deception has been lifted and Joey is long gone, Decisions can be made. Not a minute before then. America is in Limbo. The Next move by the Deep State will Checkmate. America can do this forever in a Stalemate BUT the Deep State cannot, They must Make the Move in order to win and the only moves they can make takes them off the Board. WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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