Our Country was built on no taxes. Interest rates are Taxes. You should only have to pay the Principle and not the Interest every month. Banks are not suppose to be Gamblers. What they do is take the money they ” loaned you” and invest it in risky ventures that don’t always pay off. You never know because the money is never SEEN. It is like ghost money. They become Rich and you become Poorer. It is called Venture Capitalism. A fancy word for going to the races every day. They are Bookies also. The stock market is a merry go round full of empty seats with no money in sight. They PLAY with your money and you never even know. So they say it’s down when they placed bad bets. The money is NOT THERE. They give you an IOU back after you have paid into 401KS. Like in 2008, OOPS, people lost their money, GONE POOF!!!! Don’t be Chumps! America needs to boot the jew bankers OUT!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!

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