Marburg Virus is another way of saying Poison Injection. If there is anymore damage or deaths from these KILLSHOTS there will be HELL TO PAY!!!! We can handle money problems and we can handle bad elections and train derailments, BUT WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT LET THE KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE AND CHILDREN HAPPEN WITHOUT DIRE CONSEQUENCES FOR THOSE RESPONSIBLE! YOU HAVE BEEN PUT ON NOTICE!!!! WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

TELL ME WHY is our Fake Dementia Anti American ” President” allowing the Fed to Create a Bank crises and allow The lame WHO, NGO ( NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION) to PRETEND another worldwide FAKE VIRUS!!!! Has anyone ever known a cold or runny nose to ZOOM around the world????????” Oh I just sneezed, Oh I bet they are sneezin a plenty in Austria right now”. “I think someone got the chills in China because I need to put on a sweater!!!” Do we look that STUPID??? And also, Show us the ” VIRUS.” Put your money where your mouth is. The whole pandemic was just RIDICULOUS!!! There seems to be a Pandemic of MENTALLY ILL PSYCHOPATHS THINKING THEY ARE ALL THAT!!! THEY NEED TO BE PUT INTO ASYLUMS AND THEN PUT TO DEATH!!!!!!! THEY ARE CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!!!!!!! CRAZIER THAN BEDBUGS!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News