With the Silicon Valley Bank going down, the Cabal is calling on their old friend, Fearporn, to step in and save the day. If they can “create” a collapse of the Stocks and Banks then The People will suddenly be their best friends even though they have Killed, Maimed and Stolen from them and will accept their solution. Whenever someone kicks you in the face, do you ever forget it? Do you trust that person to fix any problem you might have? No, of course not. Hold onto your money and REMEMBER, most banks want to remain in business. NEVER give up your money for a USELESS CARD tied to your personal information. We learned from THE FAKE COVID that we were roped into a Fake Poison Vaccine and what happens when you think the Government has your back. They don’t. Fool Me Once Shame On YOU. Fool Me Twice Shame ON ME! NEVER COMPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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