This is what is happening right now to the Psychopaths. Many Lawyers and People from all walks of life have gathered evidence. The Terrorists will be surrounded on all sides. The People are closing in. From every part of the World, People want a piece of them. That little Faggy Silicon Jew who shoots off his mouth will have nowhere to go. ISRAEL cannot save any of them. Israel could be Invaded. Their Communications, Surveillance and Blackmailing Operations are not long for this earth. If I were truly a genuine nice person trying to be Jewish whatever the Fuck that even means, I would get my ass, grab my family and Menorah, in gear and get OUT OF ISRAEL! Countries are gunning for them. People are Disgusted with the Jews! Israel went WAY TOO FAR! NOT SMART PEOPLE!!!! You can’t blame this one on Germany! You Jews stabbed innocent people with poison and set up a Covid Camp that encompassed the World!!!! NOW YOU PAY THE PIPER!!! NO MORE MONEY FOR YOU! NO NOTHING FOR YOU!!! The People want a world without Satanic Jews!!!!!! Heed my words, Get out of Israel. It is not hard to see what is coming. If I can see it, EVERYBODY CAN SEE IT!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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