If Trump is a Jewish sellout then he made a big mistake. They have watched him be dragged through the mud, stopped his Wall from being built and tried to make a fool out of him by funding BLM on his watch. They care not about him, his family or his supporters. In fact they Hate his supporters. They probably hate his kids even though they married Jews because they are not Jews. They used Trump to get into his administration as they do every President in America. They disgrace our Flag and our People. They are NOT AMERICANS. They have alliance to ISRAEL, that is it. Dual passports. That needs to End now! It would be nice to know that Trump is a great guy. He is smart, he says, so he must know what is going on. Anyone with half a brain can figure out when they have been used. I don’t think he likes being used. I always think that if someone hits you, you need to hit them back HARDER! He’s still standing.

PFIZER& FDA SUED IN THE NY SUPREME COURT! «The claim is based in lieu of the pending criminal charges filed by Pascal Najadi against Swiss President Alain Berset in Switzerland for Abuse of Public Office in connection with the Covid vaccination policy. The New York Supreme Court also ordered the U.S. Department of Justice to protect Pascal Najadi, his wife, his mother, and his attorney handling the case, with 24/7 detailed protection in Switzerland. The whole Pandemic was declared in order to inject billions of people with a Bioweapon. The WHO is the main entity that pushed it. Bill Gates & Tedros (WHO Director) are two of the criminal puppets behind this global crime.Insider information reveals that, on a weekly basis, Bill Gates and Tedros directed the World Council for Church on how church leaders should respond to the Pandemic and vaccination policy. Bill Gates and the WHO are using mRNA genome editing technology to change the genome in humans, which is not repairable. Autopsies from the deceased Covid Vaccinated show strange plastic-like strings growing in the vessels and arteries of the Vaccinated, killing them with strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks.The plan (designed by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Tedros, among others) is Transhumanism: to change what it means to be human through genetic mRNA gene editing. Ana Mihalcea MD, PhD states “The mRNA injection is a cover story for an Artificial Intelligence frequency-based gene modification system that is self-learning and can decide how to edit that human.” They are using digital technology and AI to control people.Their plan is to use Covid to scare people for the next 10 years to achieve their goals. What they are doing is illegal and the WHO has no right to exist. These are crimes against humanity. The WHO is a criminal organization and Tedros, its leader, is a disgrace who is not even a doctor.Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger has stated, “The injection sterilizes men and women, that is why they are going after children and babies, they want to stop humanity. They are destroying the family and hiding the deaths. They are telling children before puberty that they can change their sex. They want to destroy the family.” No injection is safe today. Be very careful. The vaccinated should have their blood tested so they can be helped. Another problem is that we have toxic poisonous blood reserves circulating in blood banks. Sixty percent of the world’s population has been poisoned with this bioweapon, their blood is now poisonous and toxic. All politicians, justices, and lawmakers need to do their job and bring justice to humanity. Millions of people have died from the mRNA injections. I have police protection in this apartment ordered by the US Justice. Why do I need protection in Switzerland? Because they have already killed so many people knowingly. click on to see video…

Some ” alternative news” people are pointing a finger at China right now. I believe something else is at play here. WHO has controlled the Central Banks? Was it China? Was it Russia? All Wars are Bankers Wars. Who has the most to LOSE if they do not control the Money. That is where you find out who is taking down America. They have to crash the dollar because they printed too much money. Now they want to control a NEW system! A Central Bank CARD attached to a credit system. That is what is going on. Hold on to your Cash. Don’t run on the banks. That is what they want.

Did you know they uncovered Bots on Twitter pretending to be Doctors that don’t exist telling people to get the Fake Vaccines???? They are saying half the people on the internet are Bots. They paid people to pretend to be experts to fear monger people about creatures in their blood because FEAR KILLS! PEOPLE WHO KILL CHILDREN DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!! Killers cannot be among the population. Nurses who Dance while people are Isolated and Poisoned cannot walk about freely. They can try to escape but no Country will take them. They stick out like sore thumbs. Everybody knows who they are!

The Medical Association is no more! They have abused the Trust people had in them. They are lowlifes who were bribed to shoot up children and people with Poison. They will be targeted. Hospitals will go down. The money is drying up. As soon as Biden ends the Fake Covid Emergency in May, It’s over for the Bribing money. BLM will lose government money. Fake Covid Funding in States will end. All those who participated will have to have their Assets Taken. Fair is Fair and Justice will take the Money from Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Clinicians, Pharmacies. They don’t get to keep their money from killing people. They lose their Homes, Boats, Cars, ALL ASSETS! People know who shot them up, sickened them and killed many. The Government will go down. Be prepared for schools to close. People won’t fund Common Core. If your a fag, hide in your closet. Drag Queens, take off the wig and make up. THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN!!!!!!!! PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THOSE WHOM HAVE DESTROYED THEIR LIVES HANG IN THE STREETS! There is NO MORE MONEY IN DC! They are crashing the system on purpose to implement CBDC cards! Before that can happen they will be hunted down. Local officials who took Money to enforce ILLEGAL MANDATES will be dragged to prison. Gender Mutilating supporters will be in Big Trouble. Killers in Nursing homes will be attacked. The list goes on. I hope it was worth the Dancing Nurses on video who can be identified. Remember who threw you out of their fucking stores!!!!!!! WE WILL GET THEM ALL!!!!! WE will Avenge the babies and children whom are being killed, the old people who died Alone. The athletes. We will get the workers who put up 5G!!!!!! WE will Take it Down!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL GET THE POLITICIANS!!!!!!!! WE WILL GET THE FUCKING MAYORS!!!! WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News