The DC Government Buffoons aren’t fit to clean toilets. Are they good for anything???? NO they are not. Americans need to declare them unfit and hold their positions until REAL elections can happen. The Sheriffs need to arrest Congress for Treason. They Knowingly approved an election that was Rigged. They let a CROOK and A PEDO in the Presidency!!!!!!! Biden has thrown taxpayer money away on NOTHING BUT SLUSH FUNDS!!!!!!! Where’s the money??? Where are the receipts JOEY??????? Every fucking EO is null and void. You are a SQUATTER!!!!!!! RELEASE THE POLITICAL PRISONERS OR HAVE TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS SHOW UP TO DO IT!!!! DO NOT LISTEN TO ME AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. WORD IS YOU PEOPLE ARE IN TROUBLE. Biden conspired with China, Ukraine and something went on in Russia!!! This has had an UNSTABLE effect on the United States! WE have been Compromised! Videos, EYE Witnesses, Depositions and more were collected! Americans SAW WHAT happened. That is TREASON! It has effected the entire Country and now we are hurting! TRAITORS HANG!!!!!!!! Americans are coming for you DC!!!!!!!!!

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