IS IT TIME FOR A RESPONSE FROM AMERICANS? Who will be the first to call for Fifty to a Hundred Million American Patriots, locked and loaded to head to DC??? We expect our Military to STAND WITH US! We will DEMAND our RIGHTS BACK!!!!!!!! WE will Demand they ALL LEAVE!!!!!!! WE will Demand a STOP to Train derailments and Government TERRORISM!!!! We will Demand all ties be cut from the United Nations, any NWO Affiliations, The Council on Foreign Relations needs to disband. The days of the Fucking Banking Cartel are OVER!!!!! We have entered a NEW ERA of The World People embracing Technology to further their communications and enhance their lives by having information at their fingertips. The OLD WAY of GREEDY, SATANIC GREASY OLD CODGERS making up schemes to Rob the People is long past. They have NO SAY in what The People do!!!!!! They self appointed themselves this and that but the truth is it is all built on lies! They came into this world the same as you or I. IT’S DONE, OVER, FINISHED!!!!!!!!! I will be the First to Call for an Expedition to DC!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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