A COUP happened in America. It was violent with the BLM burning and looting. The Lawlessness! The Open border! Enriching themselves with endless amounts of money! Lying to Americans and hiding videos, throwing innocent people into prison! LOCKING PEOPLE DOWN, ORDERING NEW AND OPPRESSIVE MANDATES!!!!!! DESTROYING THE ECONOMY!!!! THREATENING PEOPLE TO GET POISON TO WORK!!!!!!! BLOWING UP FOOD WAREHOUSES!!! DERAILING TRAINS!! This is a COUP!!!!!!!! They had trained Marxists in the streets, at the voter polls. WELL AMERICANS NEED TO DO A COUP BACK!!!!!!! THE CONSTITUTION DEMANDS IT!!!!!!!! YOU will all pay the price for your TREASON and then the NWO Killers will be right there with you!!!! AMERICANS TAKE IT BACK!!!!! AMERICANS TAKE IT BACK!!!!! AMERICANS TAKE IT BACK!!!!!

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