I think that the people who are stating that MRNA is a real thing ARE not the experts in that field. Rather they are fear mongers who are wrongly telling people that they are no longer classified as humans if they took the Fake Vaccine! WHY would anyone BELIEVE something like that? These psychopaths LIE and they employ others to LIE! It does not matter what is written in THEIR patents. We know they never tell the truth. Humans are Humans and CANNOT be designated non human. This has gotten Ridiculous! You know the old saying ” you are what you eat”, well “you are what you THINK.” If you think your a bird then that is what you think but what you think is not necessarily what you are. If you try and fly off from a branch you will fall flat on your face! If you think Spiderman is real, your thinking is OFF! There are sinister, poisonous ingredients in All the Fake Vaccines. They do not protect against “FLUES” or ” POLIO”. Fake vaccines are only good at INJECTING foreign harmful substances into someone’s body. Formaldehyde, aborted baby cells, monkey cells, aluminum (they say will activate the Fake vaccines), etc. They cannot inject a live virus or a dead virus to create immunity if they cannot ISOLATE a VIRUS!!! If their is no VIRUS, it is all a scam!!!!!!! These Sociopaths only depend on The People’s ability to Discern Information. They throw out the kitchen sink and see if people believe them. If they do, they run with it. Like the Fake Covid narrative. If you tell a child there is a monster in the closet, they will be too afraid or young to challenge it and open the closet to see there is no such thing. People are not children and they need to think like adults! Look for yourselves and see that MRNA is a Pipe Dream only. The Time Is Now News

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