From my Observations on the factories being blown up, I believe it all stems back to Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals book. He was a great proponent of INFILTRATION. Put a suit on and go to DC and blow up the Capitol by Imploding it. The same can be said for the terror being enacted all through America right now. Cells of Illegal Immigrants and other Democrat Fringe groups have been Dormant until this time in history. Obviously they cannot catch anyone with Camera Surveillance so people who work there are setting the bombs. The Investigators do not have to look hard to find the culprits. But the QUESTION IS WHO DO THE INVESTIGATORS WORK FOR? THE SAME GOVERNMENT WHO PLANTED AND ARE PAYING OFF THE EXPLODERS???? THE PEOPLE NEED TO GO OVER AND OVER AND OVER THE EMPLOYEES, VIDEOS AND CLOCK INS AND THEY WILL EASILY FIND THEIR CRIMINALS! Financial trails are always able to be traced. Is someone spending a lot of time and money at Joe Blows Bar and Grille? Who bought a new used car with cash? Who’s girlfriend is sporting some new Walmart Leopard Print tunic and legging outfits? Who’s playing poker in Ronny’s garage? Who settled into town a year or two ago? Who aren’t native? Get going people!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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