Day: February 15, 2023

WHERE IS BIDEN? WHERE IS FEMA? WHERE ARE THE REPORTERS? SO A REAL ENVIRONMENT DISASTER HAPPENS AND CRICKETS??? We can only give money and time to FAKE CLIMATE moneymaking Bullshit Scenarios? REALLY???? Where’s Al Gore when we need him? Oh Yeah, he’s under an Arctic Ice Jam floating around with a pink life preserver on! What the fuck kind of Carbon FOOTPRINT will this Cause in the US??? And where is the bottled water and housing for the people who must flee or die? What, Only the Illegal Aliens get to go to hotels???????? So Americans must choke and drag themselves out of their houses to seek shelter. Who gave the order to BURN CHEMICALS????????? This is a TRAVESTY!!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING DC!!!!! I think the NWO and Klaus did this!!! And Billy Gates!!!!!!! And George Soros!!!!!!!!! They are only FORTIFYING AMERICANS!!!! LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!

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