The American Government bombed the pipeline which was the icing on the cake for other countries. They ( the other Counties ) will NOT deal in the American Dollars anymore which means America cannot SANCTION other nations and they cannot have Military all over the world. Whoever is running America, is taking her down, down, down. Is it the Jews? Soros is a Jew and controls the media. The Media is all bad, Jesse Waters, Tucker, all of them. They will not tell you the banks will do bail ins. The days of bail outs are over. The market will crash. The dollar will be worthless. They have been taking out the food plants. Everything in the news is a planned attack to divert you. They hate you. They want the people to die. Epstein ‘s list will produce NOTHING. The UFO talk is just cheap talk. They are derailing trains as a diversionary tactic. Nothing is NOT PLANNED! They have been filling tunnels with food. A trucker put out a video. They, the deep state will go underground for a while. Chaos will ensue and they want to be protected from The People. They don’t even want you prepared. Americans must take over the Media Studios. They must implement strategies to keep people fed on a local level. The Government is DEAD! America has no Constitution at the moment. It was suspended when FEMA got the keys. Trumps emergency act was left in place and Biden extended it. You must listen carefully to this. There will be no warning.

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