It’s all a GAME to these people. DC are full of Psychopaths. They think The people will Forget the Lockdowns, Mandates, Masks and Poison Fake Vaccines over a FAKE PANDEMIC!!!! ALL FAKE!!!! People and Children dying is NOT FAKE and NOT A GAME!!! TWITTER BLOWS!!!!!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT TWITTER or YOU TUBE or FACEBOOK! All these people associated with them will be ” gone.” If DC and these Fake Elites knew what the Real People are saying they would flip out! We are losing people at an incredible rate. They are Dying from this Fake Poison Vaccine and the Psychopaths will Pay! Drastic Times call for Drastic Measures! Look at Paul Pelosi! And they think that was bad? What have they done to their families? An Eye for An Eye. They have played their LAST GAME! The World People are coming for them.

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