Germany had no need to be monsters. Before the War, Germany was the most prosperous Country on the earth. When a couple married they got money for a house, money when their children were born. It was Leave it to Beaver on Steroids. Beautiful Houses and Buildings, the Roads were very nice, just a lovely life for Germans. After the war, the US DECIMATED GERMANY. NO HOUSES LEFT STANDING. The JEWS were in power in America. They decided to use Germany for being Victimized by them, creating lies, lies and more lies. History books were rewritten, the Jews run the School System, the Banks, the Government, the Media , Hollywood, Sports, so they control the NARRATIVE!!! Now they have ANTI SEMITIC SPEECH FAKE LAWS, TRUMP wears his beanie and humps the wall. IT IS HIDEOUS what the Jews have done. They are not so smart. They are just DIRTY!

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