America is but a Shadow of what I thought she was. DC harbors evil intentions. Elections are Fraud. If Real people were elected America would be thriving. Instead America is in DECAY. The saddest part of it all is that Americans allow themselves to be treated with such SHODDINESS and DISRESPECT! Those in suits in DC are NOT worthy of being called Human Beings. If Americans were with it they would eliminate the Garbage in their midst. Opportunities arise and never emerge again. To think that The fake Dr Jill would go to the Demonic Grammys and have the nerve to give a speech! She does not Represent AMERICANS and Joey Biden is not the President. We NO LONGER have Presidents. This fool holds no Authority whatsoever. It is all a SHAM. The Constitution has been put in a lock box with Al Gore’s Twinkies and Ding Dongs. Americans are treated as retarded cows. Americans don’t seem to care. Americans have done a great disservice to the World. They should be ashamed of themselves but their apathy prevents them from feeling anything. Maybe they will skip the niceties, the sign holding protests and petitions and get right to the main course. I feel it is inevitable that DC and the Government will cease to exist. When the bough breaks the Cradles will fall. Blood will run in the streets. Congressmen will wish they picked another job. The Murder of AMERICANS and the LOCKDOWNS will lead to DC’s demise. The Dark of Night holds the stealth of determined Warriors. Heed My Words. The Time Is Now Nows

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