– Turkey has had it with NATO and sided with Russia. Can AMERICA Control weather ( yes, they can) and could America have CAUSED this ” EARTHQUAKE” in Turkey? Was it an Earthquake or a Bomb???? Is America’s DIRTY Government So evil that they will KILL HUMANS with a Fake Vaccine and Bomb innocent Countries WITHOUT DECLARING A WAR ON THEM???? They ( THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT) hate their own People. Israel is controlling this right along with the American Selected Government Maggots!!!! They DECIMATED GERMANY after the War. They have LIED and BETRAYED AMERICANS! WE cannot afford to have this Wicked Government any longer!!!!!!!! click on to read article…

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  1. Who I’m so sure.but who knows it may be the NWO THEY have contributers all across the globe .they want the world to themselves the filthy rich.while the rest of us die

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