The Swiss President and Health Minister could be prosecuted for Crimes against Humanity. We will be watching this as it has huge implications for the entire World! Thailand is also receptive to prosecuting the Pharma Fraud. Their Beloved Princess, who was to inherit the Throne one day, is in a Coma from the Fake Vaccine. Sooner or later these Psychopaths will all Hang. The Time Is Now News

THIS GUY GOT FIRED TODAY FOR REFUSING TO WEAR A MASK!!!! LISTEN, this whole Covid thing is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!!!! They cannot Isolate the Virus. EVEN if there was a REAL Virus it wouldn’t matter! Mandates are not a thing. Masks are a JOKE and make people have Respiratory Illnesses. NO ONE CAN TELL SOMEONE TO WEAR A FUCKING FACE DIAPER!!!!!!!! Americans are MAD!!!!!!!!!!! You People are going to pay a price!!!! GOOD FOR THIS GUY!!!! A JURY OF HIS PEERS WILL FIND HIS EMPLOYERS GUILTY!!!!!!! If someone gets off only paying a monetary payment they will be LUCKY!!!!!!!!!! Americans are READY!!!!!!! click on to see video…

Who put a Fucking Balloon in the sky in the middle of AMERICA?????? China??? NO! The CLOWNS in DC and the Bankers and the Pharma Companies!!!! Little Fauci is in the ballon but you just can’t see him. Epstein is going to come tumbling out with an orange bedsheet around his neck. It’s probably JFK JR because he has a thing about planes now. The MAGA crowd saws he will be the Vice President. I think Trump will give his next speech from The Balloon. He’s going to talk about how great America is now that babies and teenagers and many people are crippled or dead. He made the JEWS VERY VERY HAPPY to kill the GOYIM!!!!!!

I AM NONE TO PLEASED WITH THESE MENTALLY ILL MANIACAL WHO, WEF, CDC, FDA, Billy Goat Gates, Fuck Face Fauci and Warp Speedy Gonzalos Donald and their Fake Vaccine killer agenda! We will bring the dead to your DOORSTEPS!!!! This fake Covid shit is not going well. We now have more than a glimpse of the sick degenerate plan to KILL HUMANS, all of them!!!!!! Your NOT GOING TO DO IT!!!!!!!! There is less of you and BILLIONS OF REAL PEOPLE NOT robotic Murderers!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you lie awake at night and hear the screaming and wailing of Grief in your head!!!!!! When you go to hell there will be no escape!!!!!!! You don’t deserve any MERCY and you shall get NONE!!!!!!!