Do Jews die from AIDS? EBOLA? FAKE COVID VACCINES?????? Or do they only die in a HOLOCAUST that the World must have HOLOCAUST GUILT Forever???? If someone could USE something like a HOLOCAUST to obviously BENEFIT them, doesn’t it make sense that perhaps it was conjured up to do just that??? NOBODY takes a TRAGEDY and twists it around to give themselves special status UNLESS they are REALLY REALLY BAD!!!! It looks very SUSPICIOUS!!!! USUALLY when something is real, like COVID is NOT REAL, it needs no Marketing. HOW MANY HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS are all over the world? How much MONEY do they generate every year? It’s a BUSINESS, like GRACELAND!!! REAL EVENTS that are devastating are better to get over them, not Regenerate over and over and over again. VIETNAM-CAMBODIA does not glorify the Killing Fields. RWANDA does not have Museums all over the world. And yet ANTIsemitism cannot even be whispered in many countries. ARE they all PUSSIES??????? Wasn’t it enough that GOYIM were killed in a WAR? Not enough GOYIM for the Jews Apparently. THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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