They are planning on using Q for the last stretch. That was always the plan. Democrats and Republicans are on the same team and NOBODY gets selected unless they were chosen. Are MAGA People human? Are Lefties Human? They think like robots that were programmed. No critical thought whatsoever. There have been different Programs for different groups of people. The programming is Media, Television, School, geographic locations, foods, chemicals, fake vaccines, Fluoride, Chlorine, etc. Indoctrination has implanted the notion that People CANNOT exert their Free Will. They must obey the rules and not go against the school of fish swimming upstream. They teach it is BAD to be labeled Different. So people will join a group and learn their program to be ACCEPTED. The programming is difficult to overcome, so they added Mental Illnesses into the programs to make people think they are sick in the head when actually they are Metamorphosing into Humanism. This is what they have done and how they did it. You know what needs to happen. The People must do what needs to be done. The Time Is Now News

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