There are two schools of thought on Trumps Fake vaccine that came out so quick there could be no approval. The approval was key. Is he a monster who held rallies and seemed to love the American people? Or was he placing an Obstacle in the Deep State’s depopulation agenda. Either way, the Criminals were going to kill most of the population come hell or high water. What if there was a 10 year plan to Fake a Pandemic, lock the world down and hold them down for 5 years until they could never come back to normal. Then they could get FDA approval for a Fake Vaccine. Would they then take advantage of the approval and Mandate EVERYONE GET IT. Was it a blessing in disguise that WARP SPEED forced the Psychopaths to get cracking on their Push to fake vaccinate and kill most of the population. Being thrown off course ruined their ability to slow roll their agenda and have it done by 2030. In a short amount of time the fake vaccines have proven to be harmful which has saved those who saw what they were doing. Stranger things have happened. We know for sure now that our Government and Agencies that were to help us have damaged us to the point we can no longer keep them around. Punishment must come. There is no place left to go except for off the cliff for our Beloved America. WE CAN STOP, TAKE ACTION, AND TURN AROUND. BUT THAT TIME IS NOW! THE TIME IS NOW! THE ROT IS SO DECAYED THAT A CLEANSING MUST OCCUR. WE NEED DUMP TRUCKS FULL OF HOLY WATER TO GO WHERE THE WORST TOOK PLACE. NO ONE IN DC OR STATE LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT CAN BE LEFT STANDING. THEY HAVE ALL BEEN INVOLVED IN THE DECEIT and severe abuse of the children. OF THE CHILDREN!!!! The FBI HAVE PROTECTED THE CRIMINALS AND FOR THIS THEY MUST PAY. The CIA is a terrorist group. ANY MILITARY, SHERIFFS, MARSHALLS, POLICE MUST GET THEM ALL. THE PEOPLE CAN BE DEPUTIZED. It’s over. OVER!!!!!!!! OVER!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what Country Patrick was speaking about that was part of the diabolical plan? Well, watch the NEXT Video WITH PATRICK BYRNE. The hole gets deeper.

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