TRUMP SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF! Pretending to have allegiance with a Country that let you become rich!!! Why would someone turn on People who believed in him? How can someone lie to so many people? Is he human? Is the need to be liked so strong that he has negative principles? Was it all a Hoax? How many times can people play the Victim Card before it no longer works? The words DON’T match the actions or in some cases the non actions. Words can cast spells. Actions speak for themselves. We need strong People who are guided by responsible truths. Polished speakers have not boded well for America. We are crossing into pivotal times that are sure to be flavored with unintended influences. There was no timeline etched in stone. Humankind needs no chip to come to a Hive Conclusion. The True AWAKENING is happening for each person and the common denominator is HUMANITY! However we reach it, it is already forecast to be taken hold of. It has already been touched. The Time Is Now News

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