REMEMBER WE OUTLAWED MONOPOLIES LIKE BELL TELEPHONE. BUT NOW we have a Monopoly on the top structure of today’s Corporations that in turn run the Governments. So there is NO OTHER OPINION OR POSITION ON AN ISSUE THAT IS BROUGHT TO THE TABLE. ONE FACTION DECIDES WHAT WILL BE FOR THE MAJORITY. THAT FACTION BEING THE JEWS. THIS IS WHY WE NO LONGER HAVE A FUNCTIONING GOVERNMENT NOR A CONSTITUTION. We are run by Jewish NON ELECTED members of the Jewish Club that only lets JEWISH people inside. And what is their MOTIVE? GREED! They have faked out a lot of people. They breed only with other Jews, sometimes allowing marriage to others to keep a strong genetic code. They have only a few kids so their numbers are not so good. They can be taken. Maybe they need to pack their bags and leave America. This is why HITLER got rid of them. They hid our true history. They deloused the Jews in the camps. They were not gassed. Every county got rid of them because they are greedy and stole money through their Usury system. They infiltrated economic programs and positions. They only go to Jewish Doctors, Jewish Lawyers and Jewish Accountants. They stay apart from the rest of society. Sneaky. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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