You know there is a REASON why America is falling apart. It was planned. How do you take down a Country like America? You champion for ” DIVERSITY”, you know OPEN BORDERS, CRIME! YOU run the Entertainment Industry! The Music Industry! You make the decisions of what is Okay. You think The People are so dumb they will let you do it. You get into the Government, Healthcare, Pharma! You start to get TOO FUCKING COCKY!!! You allow child rape in your own communities. You start to demoralize everything. You throw disgusting visuals in the people’s faces every day. You NORMALIZE GAY People, DRAG QUEENS IN SCHOOLS. Kid programs with kid slutty dressing and acting. Create ” Fake Hate laws” to chastise people who object!!!!!!!!! Lets be clear, THE ENEMY are Pushers of DEGENERACY! Who has been pushing this? WHO???? WHO???? Who cries Racism, anti semitism, this, that and the other??????????? That is who the enemy is!!! YOU FUND ALL WARS!!!!!!! YOU NEVER BLINK AN EYE FOR DEAD CHILDREN, YOU EAT THEM!!!! You run the BANKS, YOU RUN THE EDUCATION SYSTEM, WHO IS DOING THAT???????????? And to top it all off you say you are the CHOSEN ONES! CHOSEN FOR WHAT? CHOSEN FOR THAT SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL! IS IT The Jews you say????? This can no longer be ignored! Is Andy Cohen Jewish???? Bravo Tranny Housewives????????They have been too BRASH about it, SMUG!!!! Well now the facade is gone!!!!!!!!!!! I never ever thought I would say these things BUT it is what IT IS!!!!!!! Who do we get rid of??????????

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