Why do we give money to Israel AND Ukraine? Isn’t that a coincidence!!! Do you think there is a connection??? As long as Ukraine is Operational, Israel is Operational. Child Trafficking, Adrenochrome, Human slavery, Money laundering, Red Cross. Well what do you know!!!!!!!! A sleight of hand. Look, a coin behind your ear! Dual passports. Look at Israel the birdy, over here, don’t look at Ukraine. Who is really behind the NWO! ISRAEL!!!!!!!! Kill the Whites, genocide, world dominance!!!!!!!! Control EVERYTHING!!!!!!! hah, HAH hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Madmen psychopaths with their beanies and gross dirty beards!!!!!!!! IT’s Over!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who puppets DC, Who goes over and touches a fucking wall. The Government!!!!!!!! They threw us under the bus for little, little, tiny men with little little penises. Americans are PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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