How did America become full of degenerates, imbeciles and degrading barely passable humans? Is it good to reward people who are lazy and parasitic in nature? Does that not lead to incompetence and failure to thrive and help the greater good? The NWO and friends are of one hivemind, they are not capable of creating a solution that would solve ANY problem let alone Phantom issues that has them spinning their wheels rather than doing anything concrete. Hoping for something does not make it so. Infiltrating America with Losers does not change the status of the Winners. Who is going to win out of that lot? I don’t think the trophy will go to the losers. They have it all fucked up. They have screwed up so bad they have nowhere to turn. Their ideas have disintegrated into dust. Those who took Money to pass their agenda along are clear to see now. We The People have moved along from Fear to Glory!!! Justice is coming!!!!!!!!!! America is STRONG. It is the hard times that produce Resiliency, something you can’t get with a chip, money or a private plane. It is PRICELESS!!!! The Time Is Now News

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