The psychopaths will use their robots, until they malfunction, to do Human work. Otherwise they cannot transhuman a human from the inside out. Only through exterior methods like cell phones and computers can they do suggestive programming. I think people are jumping the gun with the bluetooth addresses. Don’t you think they put the Zombie stuff up to scare people? They wouldn’t give people a head’s up. And a person will DIE with too much junk in them. That’s a fact. They want to freak people out, that’s all. They like to see people suffer with Poison Fake Vaccines, Poison in food and on food, Bad water they polluted with Chlorine and Fluoride, Chem Trails, STRESS, stealing their money through taxes that go to climate change and back into their POCKETS etc. The name of their game is torture. You live terrible and they watch it. They live comfortable and smug. They MUST BE STOPPED, not a farfetched idea, but THEM!!!!! Don’t think about the sci-fi stuff, concentrate on getting these Criminals!!!!!!! TAKE THEM DOWN!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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