In the future, will the Socio behavioral implications of the Genocide be documented? I think a worthy aspect would be what group in Society took the fake vaccine and what group did not. The groups were already formed by the political parties. For America it went like this, those whom hated Trump took the Fake Vaccines after harping on what a Liar he was, but when he said take it, they did. Those whom more or less liked Trump over Biden, did NOT take the fake vaccine. So every assumption was proven to be untrue. I don’t think these psychopaths thought it would turn out this way. They can easily control the Biden people so they would RATHER have them around after the Trump people died. Trump People will not give up their FREEDOM. Human ways are very difficult to predict. In a changing world, the passing down of control tactics based on outmoded scenarios will not work in a modern matrix. This will be like out chasing a laser. It was all for not. Too bad old decrepit families, you have hit the end of the road. The Time Is Now News

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