The word defeat is NOT in the world people’s vocabulary!!!! This ragtag bunch of losers called the NWO made a huge mistake. They made The People suffer BEFORE they made their big move. Now they are dealing with those whom have nothing to lose. The playing field is now tipped in The People’s favor. Can these pansy, fairy, faggy, scardy cats go up against Real PEOPLE? NOOOOO, THEY CANNOT!!!!!!! They had to hide their Fake Covid and Fake Vaccine Agenda because they don’t have the Fortitude to come out and say what they are doing. That makes them WEAK and FEEBLE! Now they will come up against those with Backbone!!!! Run, you Motherfuckers! Try and RUN away! The History you hid is coming out into the light. Your bloodlines will be nothing but a bad memory!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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