As I have pointed out before there is no Spike Protein. THEY MADE SPIKE PROTEINS THE FACE OF THE FAKE COVID!!! They Cannot get MRNA into the cells. What they call Spike Proteins are actually broken, torn up cells damaged by toxins in the body. You Expel them through sweat, coughing, etc. Perhaps the shedding is the broken cells with minuscule MRNA / lipids escaping someone’s body. If that is the case, it will stay in one place and there will be a cure through detoxification. So the culprits are the Lipids stuck to the MRNA. The MRNA CANNOT CONVERGE with Your cells contrary to popular belief. 40 years they cannot do it!!!! BUT the sticky Lipids on the MRNA BIND TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE CELLS. THEY are a TARGET for the T cells that attack FOREIGN Debris and toxins, FIGHT INFECTIONS,ETC. in the body. These T Cells ATTACK the MRNA and lipids shattering them into Millions of teeny pieces, thrown all over the body’s organs and systems. That is why NO ONE knows when OR where the results of this will happen. It virtually effects everything in the body. So no one knows where disease will strike. The heinous part is not only that they did this ON PURPOSE, they refuse to acknowledge it in the body, they say ” We don’t know what is causing your pain.” YES THEY DO!!!!! These are evil, black souled monsters who need to HANG!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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