LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION. Is McCarthy becoming speaker of the house MORE important than many many 5 yr olds dropping dead from a Fake Vaccine? Children all over the world are being maimed and killed by the fake covid and fake poison vaccine.This is no different than the children in India and Africa crippled and killed by Bill Gates poison injections that WERE NOT VACCINES!!! Even American kids are subject to childhood poison fake vaccines, roughing up their little immune systems as soon as they are born. HEALTH is only for the Injectors. WE THE PEOPLE were NEVER to figure this out. We have the OJ trial and many FAKE EVENTS to side track us from what was really going on. The Mockingbird Media( Television ) has diverted EVERYONE. The People never see the real repercussions of a Fake Covid. The Truth is Hidden under layers of made up stories, even the Weather is produced by seed clouding helping to produce news worthy stories of flooding and hurricanes. Everything is a PSYOP meant to bend the mind from REALITY to a False REALITY. This way NO ONE can fight back against a FAKE SCENARIO. It is like fighting back against Air. Punching the Air. Until the people acknowledge the enemy they cannot fight it. It will NEVER BE CLEARER THAN IT IS NOW WHO IS KILLING US! LOOK AT IT THIS WAY, YOU ARE NOT FIGHTING NICE PEOPLE. THEY ARE EVIL. IT IS OKAY TO EXTINGUISH EVIL. LOOK BEYOND THE SUITS AND DOCTOR’S WHITE COATS AND SEE THE MONSTERS THEY REALLY ARE

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