I really wonder, at this point, why THEY keep pulling out the Child Trafficking story when people get too close to getting ready to bash in the heads of the Fake Elite! It is a horrific story and yet not horrific enough for them to END IT! HUH. If you see the fire you can put it out. Why won’t they put it out??? WE ARE BEING BAMBOOZLED!!! THEY ARE PLAYING WITH EVERYBODY’S HEADS. They figured if everything we thought was false, like the meta verse, we would lose our Ability to deal with REALITY because we would not know what was real from what was not real. If we can see it, feel it, hear it and touch it, it is Real. Our senses are there for a reason. WE KNOW PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM THE FAKE VACCINE. THAT IS OUR REALITY! WE KNOW our enemy is in an active WAR to kill us. They are poisoning our food and injections, our air. This is REAL! ONE thing at a time. We cannot be overwhelmed. We deal with the Evil People First, then their TOOLS. Everything else can wait.

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