There seems to be a lot of controversy over whether Flynn is good or bad. He recited a 7 rays prayer which is Not Christian. He toured with a bunch of Phonies who PRETEND to be for America and Children BUT SOLD OUT LONG AGO. Why is Laura Logan suddenly caring about child trafficking? So many have made money off from the sympathies of Americans who think they are contributing to something good. DO NOT GIVE MONEY OR GO TO SHOWS WITH THE TRAVELING SNAKE OIL SALESMEN!!! TRUTH IS FREE! IT RINGS TRUE AND IT DOESN’T HAVE TO PLAY THE CIRCUIT!!! HOW MUCH FUCKING MONEY DOES ONE PERSON NEED???????? These people care only about themselves. Truth is simple and doesn’t need to interview others that mirror each other. You know it when you hear it. We are in confusing times right now. The Dark Side is trying to TRAP whomever they can. They use DECEIT. They put on masks that make them look good when they are evil. They are FAKE. They can talk and spellbind people. Real people are not so polished, but they speak truth. Be careful out there. The Time Is Now News

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