THE BRUNSON Case has been dismissed by The Supreme Court. This would mean that the Military must get involved because this was a Ground Breaking motion proving that The Congress APPROVED THE COUP that happened during the 2020 election. The Threshold for election fraud is very very low. In fact One Vote out of order can throw the entire race. When we see all the Countless ways Democrats Cheated, The Supreme Court had no choice but to rule against the Fraud. Seeing how they did not do that, now the Military MUST step in. A Takedown of a President in the USA is serious. It is what a Third World Nation puts up with, NOT AMERICA!!! Do we have a Republic, or do we not? The New World Order PIGS want ALL GOVERNMENTS to be disbanded so they can be the Government for everyone. Americans are feeding right into their hands by NOT FIGHTING BACK!!! So what if they didn’t like Americans going to the Capitol on Jan. 6, SO FUCKING WHAT!!! They need to be paid another visit only this time, make it a REAL PARTY!!!!!!!!! And while there, spring the Patriots in the Gulag!!!!!!!!!!!

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