🚨🚨🚨 There have been TWO schools of thought concerning the Rigged 2020 election. What is worse, having the Military step in and righting the corrupt election OR Letting things play out risking People’s LIVES killed by the Fake Vaccine, Starving, Unemployed, Open borders, Harming the Military with mandates, Homelessness, etc. Would a Civil War have occurred if the Military stepped in? Or did we already HAVE the Civil War with BLM, Vaccinated VS Unvaccinated? I think it is a rush to judgement to condemn those who want to FIGHT HEAD ON and not sneak around in the bushes! If ANYONE harmed America it was those who ran and did not stand their ground!!!!!!!!!!!! Americans don’t run scared. The Civil War argument is BULLSHIT!!!!!! We RAN like Lilly Livered PUSSIES!!!!!!!! OH NO, The BIG BAD OLD DEMOCRATS!!!!! Where was our Confidence, our Honor!!!!!!! We need MEN NOT MICE!!!!!!!!!! Civil War my ass. As it is Half The People would do SHIT! That is a LAME ARGUMENT!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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