Q – There’s something in the way Q moves, Something in the way he speaks, The rising tides and stillness before the storms that tell me Q is not just another notch on the bedpost. Q is different. Q has passion. Q is mysterious. The Road less chosen, The path divine. It isn’t in the toss of his hair or his whimsical nature to repeat non-stop, No it is something more. It is Q’s Reluctance to give up, to stop, to end. What lies within that fleeting moment that refuses to let go? Shall we deny looking? No, I can never forget the first time we met. We had so much in common like Hillary, Pain and the seeking of Truth and Justice. I was sure Q liked the same foods as I. It was, dare I say Magic at first words. Ah Q, you are so close and yet so far away……..The Time Is Now News

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