I have heard People want to go in Herds and take out the Doctors, Pediatricians, Nurses, burn the hospitals down. They are UNDERSTANDING THAT THEY AND THEIR CHILDREN WERE POISONED!!!!! The Media is hated!!!!!!! Anyone PUSHING THE FAKE VARIANT will be targeted!!!!!!! WITHOUT A COVID VIRUS THERE CAN BE NO VARIANT!!!!!!!!! AND YET THEY PUSH POISON!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!! BIDEN and his DUMB WIFE JILL talk to People like they are SLOW. They think they can get away with MURDER!!!!! Maybe some People are less bright but MOST PEOPLE ONLY NEED TO WAKE UP AND THAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! LOOK OUT DC, STATES, MEDICAL COMMUNITY!!!!!! WAKEY! WAKEY! NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING FROM THE PEOPLE! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

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