THE GLOVES ARE OFF!!!!!! 2023 will bring Retribution upon the bottom feeders who say they are in Opposition of the false mainstream narrative , BUT are not. They are the Controlled Opposition. They take money from the NWO to divert The people from Real News!!!!!! WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!! They love to travel around in groups, having ” shows” drilling a false message into people’s heads much like a Tony Robbins performance! And so some walk away thinking they are part of the Resistance when they have only been used as pawns to help usher in a Tyrannical World. The Two sides to an Unholy Coin lets you know the Coin must be tainted. The Grifters and Drifters don’t belong with Authentic People and they will soon find their money funding has been dried up. It couldn’t happen to worse people. The Time Is Now News

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