SOMEBODY explain to me how does one extract a VARIANT from a NON EXISTENT Entity such as THE FAKE COVID??? NO ONE can even remotely prove that the Ghostly COVID is anything other than a Figment of Somebody’s Imagination! And Now these same Nutcases are running around saying ‘The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!!!!’ Fool me ONCE SHAME ON YOU! Fool me TWICE SHAME ON ME!!!!!!!! Come On People!!!!! Let’s take back our minds!!!! Think logically, If the Tree is not there, how can Branches be coming out of it????????? These Scaremongers need to be ARRESTED!!! TODAY! NOW!!!!!!! The Fake Vaccine they PRETEND will fix the Pretend Covid is actually the Pandemic!!! Everyone has a choice. Be stupid or don’t be stupid. We all know that people are injured and DYING from the Fake Vaccines. Instead of buying into their Shit, use your energy to get a Posse together to take them OUT!!!!!!!!!

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