THERE IS GOING TO BE HELL TO PAY!!!!! All these BULLSHIT FAKE ELITE are going to have their LABORATORIES FILMED FOR EVIDENCE AND THEN DESTROYED FOREVER!!!!!!!!! IF THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH MASS MURDER, THEN SET UP A DYSTOPIAN WORLD WHERE MANKIND SUFFERED AS THEY GLEEFULLY WATCHED ATOP THEIR PERCH, THEY WERE SADLY MISTAKEN!!!!!!!!! THEY WILL BE THE ONES SUFFERING!!!!!! They royally screwed up. They underestimated THE WILL OF PEOPLE WORLDWIDE AND THERE WILL BE NO MERCY SHOWN TO THEM!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows who they are and how to get to them. Everyone will bring hammers and little chips with wires to pound into their heads until they LIGHT UP!!!!!!!!! And homemade FAKE VACCINES will be shot into their arms and legs with plenty of BOOSTERS!!!!!!!!! Oh you better believe it is COMING!!!!!!!!!!!

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