DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT listen to the naysayers who repeat the Agenda of the Satanic NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!! You want to know who heads all these Non Elected Organizations? The United Nations, Economic World Forum, Council on Foreign Affairs, etc. Who would be evil enough to hurt Human Beings? It is Satan himself who is locked in chains and must RECRUIT WEAK PEOPLE to do his bidding. These people do not BELONG on earth. They are not Human nor do they have any minds other than the group thinking of the Devil. God already WON!!!!!!! The power of God is GREATER than any power ever known!!!!! The people must deny ANYONE who outlines the sick timeline that these pedos wanted to enact but CAN’T!!! They target the most precious to God, the children and babies. They want to change God’s creation with Brain chips and poison. They are SO FEARFUL OF GOD THEY ARE BLIND WITH RAGE!!!!!!! THEIR ONLY PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO MUTILATE CHILDREN THROUGH TRANSGENDERING THEM, EATING THEM AND RITUALLY ABUSING THEM! OH THATS a nice way to live your life!!!!!!!! Don’t be fooled by them saying they want free speech, or any of their lies. LOOK AT THEIR PAST ACTIONS!!!!!! Did they flip flop on moral issues? Did they go to the Met Gala, a night of child torture? Do they have A LOT OF MONEY??????? Money is Sorcery!!!!! It is used to entice people to join the devil.THE LOVE OF MONEY IS BAD! Look for who they hang out with, other demons who transform their kids? They all stick together. They all need to be Banished from God’s Green Earth!!!!!!!!! Many of these people do interviews and give credibility to the INSANE Agenda cooked up by these Satanists. And so people hear it and mistakenly believe it is a done deal when IT IS NOT!!!!!!!!! All these Pedos will burn in Hell!!!!!!!!!!! The Earth is going to be Cleansed! THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE POWER TO DO IT!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! The people must take up the Swords and Protect the innocent AND themselves!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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