We know all the CRIMINALS, BUT their OFFSPRING are Demonic too!!!!! This horror will never end until they are all gone!!!!!! You can’t get rid of one toe when the whole leg is gangrene. Everyone knows the score. This is generational Voodoo, Satanic, Wicked stuff passed down through genes, the rotten bloodlines and taught. The Slate must be Wiped Clean. Everybody KNOWS IT! Everybody knows what needs TO BE DONE! Everybody GETS IT!!!!!! We can never go through this ever Again and there is but ONE WAY TO ENSURE IT!!! The ” Governments” do not Govern. They do not enforce laws. We are at the mercy of CRIMINALS SO WHAT DO WE DO?????? NO ONE WILL CARE! IT WILL BE LIKE POURING THE BUCKET OF WATER OVER THE WITCH’S HEAD IN THE WIZARD OF OZ!!!! People will be GRATEFUL!!!!!! GATHER and GO BE GOD’S WARRIORS!!!!!!!!

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