VACCINES! VACCINATION!!! Don’t do anything else in your life. Just Vaccinate the hell out of yourself 24 hrs a day!! There’s a Vaccine for THIS and a VACCINE for THAT!!! Have a headache? Get a VACCINE!!!! Hungry? EAT A VACCINE!!! Bored? GO GET TWENTY FIVE VACCINES!!!!!!!! Give Vaccines to your Friends. Kill them with kindness. Wrap up VACCINES for a last minute Christmas gift for that unexpected guest. Need a reason to drive to a Vaccine Clinic? Why not get a Vaccine while your there, hell get 7 of them. All different kinds. Get a NEW Vaccine or an OLD Vaccine. Feeling Nostalgic? Get an old fashioned vaccine made of old fashioned vaccine stuff. Start a new trend! Wear Vaccines in your Hair!!! On your lapel!!!! Line Vaccines up on your Coffee Table and buck the Big Books of Photography piled high look. Stick Vaccines to your wall with a glue gun for an avant- garde decor!!!!! VACCINES are the new Buzz Word. Color Block sweaters- Out, Vaccines- In. Revel in the New Year with a VACCINE PARTY!!!!!! Put 4 perfumes on and when people say” What is that ravishing smell?” SAY it’s New, it’s Exciting and it’s called VACCINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did we ever LIVE WITHOUT VACCINES ALL OVER THE WORLD IN OUR FACE EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY????????? GLORIOUS VACCINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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