These are not the end times. The psychopaths want people to think that. I smell FEAR!!!! They know The People will come for them. Children and People are Sick with unimaginable diseases that they PURPOSELY gave to them through the Fake Vaccine. They are working OVERTIME with Fake news stories to keep THE PEOPLE OCCUPIED!!!!!! WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT POLITICS WHILE GENOCIDE IS HAPPENING??????? TOO LATE FOR THE BORDER! TOO LATE FOR THE ECONOMY! THERE IS NO MEDICAL HEALTH LEFT FOR PEOPLE TO SEEK. TOO late to stop Fake Vaccine Mandates for the Military!!!!!! When will The people Worldwide Realize their enemy is still out there????????? Everything in the News doesn’t Matter!!!!!!!! As the news gets more crazy know that THEY are still gunning for you!!!!!!! It’s you or them!!!!!!!!!

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