Yes, its true, we are under Martial Law BUT they do not arrest Criminals, Looters or Killers. They are on duty to take the call to kill law abiding Americans. Obama made the law and under Trump’s Emergency Law it took effect. Biden has only had to sit back and destroy America to the point of no return. China has boots on the ground in America to make sure these orders are followed. As Americans get sicker and die from their poison Fake Vaccine the call will go out. It is too late to turn back now. It would have to start tonight, the purging of the Criminals who are killing us. There will be no Military Tribunals, Court Convictions or Even Arrests. There will only be Vigilante Justice. Period. This is what no one will tell you. They are AFRAID to speak. America is full of Cowards. Worldwide people forgot they are under the thumb of people just like them. Not Gods or Super humans, only people like themselves. The whole world Needs to Pray RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Be GOD’S WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!

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