TWITTER is a PSYOP! We all knew it was run by the Feds to get data and use information or censor it to take over America and what other countries the Pentagon felt like ruining!!! WE ALL KNEW!!!! So WHY the big deal? They are regurgitating what everyone had already surmised. What do you SUPPOSE they are deflecting from? Killing us with Poison? Starving us? They are Pretending to arrest TRUMP?????? HAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!! WTF? Everyone is still CENSORED??? MUSK is a Player. The Trumps are part of the game. The PEOPLE are all that’s left of the Patriots. That’s it! They all took their sides a long time ago. Warp Speed was the BEGINNING of the END for Freedom, or so they thought. Maybe someone is sneaking up on these Bastards right now? Who knows? All is fair in Love and War. Will it work out according to these Psychopath’s delusions? Or will it all come back to bite them in the ass? When one lives in a make believe world where they think they are Masters of the Universe it is impossible to go toe to toe with Realities and The Art Of War. Think about that Politicians and Frat Boys! Your secrets put you in positions to be taken down……..HARD! LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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