Elon Musk is a front for the Government. There is no battle between them! There is no Nuremberg 2, no Lawyers fighting for The People, No one is going to prison unless the PEOPLE do it. Tick Tock! The Armies must be formed of and by The People around the World. Billions of People CAN address this Tribunal Issue. Tribunals can be done by The People in the event that the Governments have COLLAPSED and can NO LONGER sustain the needs of the Citizens. In this case AN EMERGENCY Occurs which overrides any laws that the failed government has written. Like in The Wizard of OZ, THE PEOPLE have always had the POWER! If the House of Cards falls down, there is no longer ANY HOUSE! WE THE PEOPLE ARE WITHOUT A HOUSE! WE BUILD OUR OWN HOUSE!!!!!!!! GATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!They have their Summits and Conferences. THE PEOPLE shall have their own MEETINGS!!!!!! GO TAKE BACK YOUR FUCKING COUNTRIES!!!!!!!! GO COUNTRYMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

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