COLLEGE FRAT BOYS ARE RUNNING THE WORLD! THINK ANIMAL HOUSE ASSHOLES IN SUITS!!!! You think I am kidding??? They all did their little Frat House initiations and participated in LAME SKULL AND BONES type spooky Bullshit!!! They probably have roofed many a girl AND boy’s alcohol drinks to rape them. They got out of school and hooked up with the Old Boy’s Club to get ” jobs” where their hands never got calloused. They went to Congress, became Judges, Federal Reserve, CIA, Parliament, Ran NASA and the whole nine yards. They are Stupid little club members stealing money from those that have REAL LIVES! They are NOTHING without their Moronic Friends. They couldn’t run a bath let alone a Country. They are Screwups. Idiots. Under the false illusion that THEY MATTER! They pass down endowments to assure they are always included in this SCHEME to rob THE PEOPLE. It’s a vicious Cycle with a WEAK GENE POOL! WAKEY WAKEY!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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