Americans and the World People are Smarter, More Resourceful and More Capable than those presently ruining our Countries. Stop drinking Fluoride, taking Poison Fake Vaccines and see how quickly your Brain Fog Disappears! Without the aid of Poisons the Frat Boys could not take advantage of the REAL PEOPLE! The People have it all over these IDIOTS!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE DUMB!!!! REALLY, THEY ARE!!! They are Boring, Uninteresting and Stupid. They have no TALENTS, cannot hold a conversation or think an original thought. They are a far cry from “Leaders.” They are Sheeple. They are Followers. They say Okay to anything they are told. They are NOT what you think they are! YOUR BETTER in all ways!!!!!!!!! Get ready, Your time is here! They lost control of the ball. NOW YOU HAVE THE BALL!!!! BOOM INTO THE NET!!!!!!!! LAST SUDDEN DEATH!!!!!!! YOU WON!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD WON!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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